The TA-1000 Throttle actuator is a Bi-Polar type actuator for engine test cells or in-vehicle use.


The DC-1000 dyno controller is designed for control of the dyno excitation on eddy current type dynos.


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TCS designs and manufacturers our own products for  use in test cells. Click on the pictures below for detailed information.


TCS Products

The RS1000 RPM Sensor allows for nonintrusive measurements of engine speed.


The RS2000 Speed Measurement Device is a programmable Frequency to Voltage device designed for the test cell environment or in-vehicle use


The RS-OPTO rpm Sensor is for use on an engine when there is no other option to read speed pulses , such as a diesel engine without electronic fuel injectors.


The TC-1200 Throttle controller is designed to operate a wide range of throttle actuators in either Bi-Polar or Uni-polar configuration


The TCS Frequency to Voltage board.



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Stähle Robots

Custom connection cable sets for the Stähle Driving Robot that have temperature ratings down to –40 degrees. We build cable sets for the application, length, connector type, equipment type, etc.

Stähle Robot Arctic cables