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Professional service and support for your Test Cell

Test Cell Service, LLC


Test Cell Service is a engineering, sales, service and support company for dynamometer test cell equipment used in research, development, testing labs, automobile manufacturers and suppliers.

Our mission is to provide the best service and support to assist our customers in achieving their goals.

The major product lines we support are the Stähle Driving Robots and the Digalog Cellmate systems.

We have been in this industry since 1985 working for some of the key companies that manufacture and supply the testing equipment to the customers. We have a long-standing relationship with customers in the industry.

4225 England Beach rd.

White Lake, Mi. 48383

To contact us:

Phone: 248-887-8197

Fax: 248-889-5964

E-mail: Brian@testcellservice.com


Brian P. Bucalo

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Stähle Robots

3/31/15    Stahle GmbH has awarded TCS with full representation of the product line in North America.


4/21/15    Signed Distributor Agreement with Stahle, GmbH. For representation of their products in the territory of North America.


9/27/19 TCS/Stahle was awarded the project for the Environmental Protection Agency to supply a full Emissions style Robot driving system at the lab in Ann Arbor, Mi.


10/8/19    TCS/Stahle was awarded the project to supply CARB SCCP three new Robot driving systems for their new facility