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Service Contracts


A TCS service agreement will benefit you in a number of ways:


Technical expertise. You'll have access to the people who know your equipment best and who have a vested interest in your success.

Priority response. You receive priority service over customers without a support contract, reducing downtime.

Fixed support cost. No guessing games when forecasting your budget for maintenance services. Paying for services on an incremental basis may be more expensive for you over time; our service packages are more economical.

Convenience. The administrative paperwork is taken care of up front which means you've avoided delays in establishing a payment vehicle with each service call.

Free Limited phone support.  Phone support for the quick questions are free, we will not start billing until after the first 15 minutes.

Safeguards your investment. Ongoing, comprehensive support coverage helps to prolong and protect your valuable investment.

Be prepared to provide a full description of your problem, whether or not the problem can be replicated, what system you are running, and what steps you have already taken to identify the problem.


Service Contract Options


Select the Service Level and form of payment that's best for you.  Purchase order, Visa / Mastercard, or check.  Please call us for current pricing.


Standard service                 

8-5 Mon-Fri On-Site, 24/7 Limited Phone support                                                            

Overtime, Weekend & Emergency Rates (Less than 24hr notice)                  

Holiday Rates                                                                                                                                                                      

Level 1                       Invoiced as used                         Paper work done up front                                                                                     Standard rates apply


Level 2                       Pre-Paid 40hr block                     Priority service

                                                                                 No Overtime rates


Level 3                       Pre-Paid 80hr+ block                   10% discount

                                                                                 Priority service

                                                                                 No Overtime rates



          * Mileage is billed if one-way distance is greater than 30 mi. from White Lake, Mi. office.

          * Travel Expenses are billed at cost when over-night stay or air travel is required.

To contact us:

Phone: 248-887-8197

Fax: 248-889-5964



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