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TA-1000  Throttle Actuator

The TA-1000 Throttle actuator is a Bi-Polar type actuator for engine test cells or in-vehicle use.

Product Summary

The actuator uses a 24vdc servo motor with a planetary reduction gear box.  The actuator is preset for a maximum of 45 degrees travel and speed of ~200ms full stroke. This will allow precision position control and the needed force to control any throttle linkage. The actuator is supplied with a 6" arm and 5/16" Heim Joint to attach to the throttle linkage of you choice.


The actuator pictured is setup for in-vehicle use and consists of a 1/4" aluminum base, 1/4" aluminum motor stanchions, four steel spike feet for setting in the vehicle carpet, and provision for a mount to secure it to the under side of the dash.


The actuator can also be mounted on a pedestal for in-cell use on an engine throttle body directly, or mounted anywhere in the test cell and a cable used for connection to the throttle body.

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