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The RS2000 Speed Measurement Device is a programmable Frequency to Voltage device designed for the test cell environment or in-vehicle use.

Product Summary

Price: $1,050 USD

Coupled with the RS1000 RPM Sensor you can measure and display Engine RPM. Connected to the pulse output of the dyno you can measure the dyno speed in either RPM or with built in calculations measure Vehicle speed.


The RS2000 has outputs for digital speed signal as a TTL level square wave, to apply directly to your data acquisition system frequency input or a 0-10vdc output that represents 0 - 100% of the measured signal.  For Engine RPM this would be 0 - 10,000 rpm in range 1.  The range can be changed to allow up to 500% which would allow 0-10vdc to represent 0 - 50,000 rpm.


If connected to the dynamometer encoder pulse output the RS2000 can measure RPM or for Chassis dynamometers, Vehicle Speed using parameters for encoder pulses per revolution and diameter of the rolls. For Vehicle speed this would be 0 - 100 mph in range 1 equals 0 - 10vdc. 


The unit can be powered from the vehicle supply or from a 12 - 15vdc power module.


The RS2000 Speed Measurement Device is used to perform the scaling of Pulses/Rev, display the measured value and F>V function for a 0-10vdc output. This is a programmable F>V with many options for configuration, many more than can be detailed here.


The RS1000 has a direct pin-to-pin connection to the RS2000 with a standard db15 cable so it can be used for unintrusive Engine RPM measurement into the dyno control system and a single cable out to the vehicle.