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DC-1000  Dyno Controller

The DC-1000 dyno controller is designed for current control of the dyno excitation on eddy current type dynos.

Product Summary

The DC-1000 model has a micro controller module, this adds the ability of Remote enable and safety string monitoring for emergency stop control, and a serial rs232 interface for remote control and Firmware updates.


The controller has an analog input for dynamometer current setpoint, 0 - 10vdc, from the host system and an analog output for actual field current feedback, 0 - 10vdc. There is also a digital input for the enable circuit of the controller, this input is feed into the micro controller and it has the final control of the output driver circuit. This adds the ability to force the dynamometer field to a preset percentage of field current and duration before turning off the output drivers, for use as an e-stop.


The controller is a field current drive and the control strategy is performed in the host system PID.

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