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The RS-OPTO rpm Sensor is for use on an engine when there is no other option to read speed pulses, such as a diesel engine without electronic fuel injectors.

Product Summary

Price: $380 USD

This device is designed to be used on the harmonic balancer with a strip of reflective tape.


The standard device setup is for hookup to the RS2000 Speed Measurement Device with the db15 connector. The RS2000 is used to perform the scaling of Pulses/Rev, display the RPM value and F>V function for a 0-10vdc output. The RS2000 is a programmable F>V with many options for configuration. The RS-OPTO-SM has a direct pin-to-pin connection to the RS2000 with a standard db15 cable so it can be installed into the dyno control system and a single cable out to the vehicle. The Red pulse LED on the RS-OPTO-SM will flash when measured pulses are present.


The RS-OPTO device can be used directly connected to a data acquisition system frequency input. The device has an Open-Collector output and requires a pull-up resistor tied to the power supply. Connect the 15 pin connector to the power supply and data acquisition system.