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Wimsheim & White Lake, 3/31/2015


Hereby both parties announce, that the existing Support by TCS for STÄHLE Autopilot & Robot & Actuator systems in the Michigan area which was done as subcontractor for STÄHLE’s main distributor SOLTEC, will be expanded to full sales & support for these products with the responsibility & coverage of the complete territory of North America.

Therefore both parties are in the process of negotiations to implement TCS as main distributor for these STÄHLE products for the territory of North America.


After the upcoming termination of the main distributer agreement between SOLTEC and STÄHLE due to the reorganization of SOLTEC, TCS will immediately take over orders based on pending offers and also continue itself and on its own responsibility the warranty & product support for the systems within North America.


All parties involved are working towards a smooth transition with the intention to do all we can to ensure consistency in on-going sales & support & project activities and continue the existing customer relationships


TestCell Service LLC, ("TCS") is a service, support and engineering company for dynamometer test cell equipment used in research, development, and testing labs by vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. We have been active in the test cell industry since 1985.


TCS has been supporting the Stähle GmbH product line directly in North America since 2000. This includes installations, commissioning, service, repairs, training and interface engineering for existing systems.


TCS has a long standing relationship with Stähle and are looking forward to adding the sales task responsibility to our long list of customer relationships.



STÄHLE GmbH, Klaus Stähle, Managing Director
TestCell Service LLC, Brian P. Bucalo, Owner

Change in US distribution & marketing